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Top Gift Trends for Coffee Lovers this Christmas

Monday 23rd December 2013 by There have been 0 comments


Coffee lovers are in for a treat this year, as gadget gurus and the best brands on the market have gone that extra mile to make a few extra cool coffee gadgets and products we’re sure you’ll LOVE. They're the perfect coffee gift ideas!

So to really get into the Christmas spirit, I’m going to round up my favourite pieces to unwrap this Christmas.


Handpresso Auto ESE (£140) available at

One of the main themes I can see this year is the use of a press coffee system, so that you can save money by making your own delicious cups rather than getting takeout every day. Gourmet coffee is in high demand, and when you consider how it feels as soon as it hits your taste buds, it is really no surprise why lovers are investing in systems that allow them to make their own high quality beverages whilst saving the pennies too.

This unique Handpresso Auto ESE literally allows you to enjoy coffee anywhere, any time. They’re portable, they’re easy to choose, they’ll save you money and they’re futuristic.

With a 16 bar-pressure system, this system uses ESE coffee pads to create an exquisite cup with a proper crema.


Whacky flavoured coffees* (Price varies) available at

A cuppa has gone way beyond the realms of ‘flat white please’, walk into any coffee shop and you can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be a plethora of exciting flavours on the menu ready for you to pick and choose from like a sweet shop. So why not enjoy the same thrill at home? It’s as easy as buying a pic n’ mix of flavours. From classics like amaretto and cinnamon and dessert coffees like tiramisu and Dutch apple pie to the wacky wonders of bacon coffee, CuppaCo has a wonder world for you to choose from when it comes to flavoured coffee.


Hario V60 Decanter (£20) available at

Made by Chemex, the Hario V60 Decanter

To those who enjoy brewing the V60 way and appreciate the convenience of the Chemex, Hario's V60 Drip Decanter is an exciting release. A V60 filter cone, with its classic ridges, is suspended in an hourglass-shaped spouted glass server, allowing one to brew and serve in and from the same vessel. A silicone band wraps around the waist for a cool and comfortable grip while pouring. For ultimate ease-of-use, the size 02 filter cone and band are removable for cleaning. This self-contained brewing unit highlights the intersection of craft and convenience.




Travel press coffee maker (£18) available at

In my eyes one of the best inventions on the market and something that makes you feel ‘wow, I need one of those’, the Bodum Travel Press Coffee Maker is a simple way for you to enjoy coffee-shop quality coffee on the go. Whether you’re in a rush on the way to work or are trying to save money on your early morning commute, this handy travel mug has its own cafetiere style system that allows you to brew fresh, ground gourmet coffee on the go in a matter of minutes, for those days when instant just isn’t good enough.





CuppaCo would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to all its wonderful followers and readers new and old.

P.s. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….with love from CuppaCo

*Christmas delivery cannot now be guaranteed on flavoured coffees

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